And so if this tiny delicate frog could talk….he would most likely say something like, “What the heck are you humans doing to this planet! I am an amphibian which may become the first class of animals to perish in this current ongoing mass extinction.”

After decades as a healthcare practitioner, I decided it was time to pursue the other interest that has been haunting me for so many decades. I’ve always been a slow but avid reader, and I’ve always loved to read. Now that I’ve had more time to do so, I want to write down and share my thoughts about many and varied interesting subjects.

My interests are now very different from my previous career helping people through bad days, some emergent and some not so emergent situations. The focus of my life has transitioned to helping animals. After much reading of scientific studies, I have come to realize that other species are in need of our immediate attention.

Many other family members, brothers and sisters of different species with whom we share this planet, are not only compromised but indeed threatened with extinction by our own species that is populating at an exponential rate.

In the forward to the book Photo Ark by Joel Sartore, actor Harrison Ford eloquently describes the crisis we all face: “Think of nature as a tapestry, and each species as a thread. There is no way of knowing which threads bind the whole together. Each one that is pulled out brings the tapestry closer to unraveling.”

Moving with the sea of like-minded individuals and thus, like the sea, we become a force onto itself.

May the Force be with us….