A Day at the Trauma Center (Circa 1985)

Doing battle with the Grim Reaper…. Morbidity and Mortality…. Making the best of a BAD DAY….Bone Fractures and car wrecks…. Uncooperative hearts, brains, livers and kidneys.

“I can’t believe I took all those pills; no I wasn’t trying to…”

“I only had boo teers”

“I have no idea why he shot me”

“My car won’t even go that fast”

“Why do the police need to talk to ME?”

“I don’t even remember falling”

“Did you see who hit me?”

“I got really tired of checking my blood sugars”

“Boo-how. Wick-boo-dong. Zhai-jian” – I guess we will need that Chinese translator

“Jumping seemed like a really good idea at the time”

“Are these BAD bugs that I’ve got?”

“I quit taking all those pills my doctor gave me because they weren’t working—so why does my chest hurt so badly?”

“Yeah, I guess I’ve had this cough for about 6 months; no, maybe closer to a year”

“The last thing I remember is he called my mother a ”……”

“I didn’t shoot anybody, and once again, that is not my gun you found in my purse”

“I’m sure he’s had a fever for over an hour by now”

“No, you haven’t told my daughter why she brought me here”

“I’m not paying for any stinking blood test”

“Hell, I’ve been catching snakes for years and this is the first one that ever got me – WOW, is it supposed to be that swollen?”

“What’s that you say? I’m having a baby? RIGHT NOW? You can’t be serious!!!”

Yes, these comments are for real, and my emotional responses surrounding them are unspeakable even today—coming from a great distance in time and space.

And yes, I can’t believe I got through that part of my life. Did I really????