Perhaps the most important powerful and enduring way we can help those sentient beings that inhabit this planet with us I believe….cannot be bought, sold, or traded on any market. It cannot be discovered, found, invented, nor has it any physical structure as yet defined known whatsoever or anywhere. Yet when you are blessed with it from whatever perspective or association, you have, I believe, the most precious gift to be found anywhere.

I write, of course, of faith, which lies in the spiritual dimension and is in alignment with the omni-present energy that surrounds us, and is synchronized to interact with more than a few circuits in the brains of every life form…travelers we all be.

Many sources evidence the distal mental influence or so-called “prayer.” The belief in, and utilization of, these forces have occurred throughout history, and in virtually all eras and cultures, poorly understood to this day due to neglect and denial by current and anachronistic scientific data and poorly evolved measuring devices and equipment.

And so it is I ask you, if you align with this modality, and it resonates with you, specifically: visualize and focus intentions for the better lives of those animals who cannot speak for themselves in a language intelligible to us. Mindfully imagine the betterment for those long-suffering creatures, many of whose species are nearly completely extinct from our communal world. And in doing so, offer a small amount of your most precious gift – your time – and send your goal-oriented images, visualizations, intentions, etc. that many call by its colloquial name as “prayer.”

The living sentient beings, I believe, share this journey with us through this phase of existence, suffering, and ultimate demise. And we’re not able to count the endless number and variety of nonliving sentient beings whose beauty and form we will never have the pleasure of knowing, since they’re already extinct and left this planet.

We can indeed offer a most special and lasting way of “helping the animals” and perhaps bettering ourselves somehow in the process.

William Braud, Ph.D. wrote:

“Evidence compiled….indicates that, under certain conditions, it is possible to know and to influence the thoughts, images, feelings, behavior, physiology and physical activities of other persons and living organisms—even when the influencer and the influenced one are separated by great distance in space and time, beyond the reach of the conventional senses.”