My initial impressions of the documentary “The Circus” as a PBS two-hour special was clouded by my particular interest towards the subculture created by those special men, women, children, and animals who have been so intimately associated with the circus over the hundreds of years from its initial informal beginnings. I had hoped to see some of the many changes that had occurred over the centuries, as well as the actual culture and psychology of the individuals and animals some indigenous, some wild and exotic….all forced to perpetrate the concept of “circus” at the various spaces in time, bus stops and train stations, over so many years.

And how very special it must have been for all those humble hominids to glimpse for the very first time, up close and personal, the majesty, beauty and perfection the non-indigenous wild beasts from worlds away brought to our little towns worldwide.

Instead, I was taken on a journey of quite another “nature” through space/time by a novel entertainment perspective that was ever so wildly successful. I was greeted by another of so many old familiar stories; the search for power, glory, and riches that was to be stripped off the  backs of any sentient being who could or would, unseeingly and unbeknownst to the victims, bear the weight.

The goal, of course, being any one individual’s “success” at any price. There was never quite enough satisfaction, however, to be had.  Repugnantly, the lives of those who would make this so were relegated, and replaced upon their frequent demise, to meaningless entertainment venues to satisfy an unquenchable thirst for thrills per spectacle.

The discussions of the suffering and demise, hopeless psychological states, and overall lack of understanding, caring, and awareness for those sentient beings we call “animals,” and human victims alike, were so completely and mercilessly absent. The tortured, bound, and chained bodies, souls and spirits…indeed the greatest cause of the success of the projects, were never to be exposed, ethically addressed or even mentioned in this “documentary.”

And so my discovery of the events and perspectives of the various sub-cultures and species that moved for and with, and were bled off by the “Circus,” were not to be examined at all. Success was so pronounced that the concept and subsequent show itself reproduced, and continued to expand exponentially in towns and cities in countries for centuries. The seedy scam was played with a deck of the amoral hustle of flesh and bone in multiple species, including our own. Today, many are currently extinct from: inbreeding, shortened lives from physical abuses, psychoses from repeated trauma, social separation and spiritual neglect.

My disappointment was substantial, but over the last 24 hours, I have discovered and bisected another interesting perspective from this otherwise very limited documentary.

I’m beginning to imagine that what I’m seeing is a blurred quantum microcosm of some of the various space/time representations these new splinter colonies and substrata that have evolved/devolved from “The Great World Colonizers”; aka our European ancestors birthed from another latitude not far away, the way a crow flies.

And what do I see around me here? I see a picture, blurring shadow, and subsequent remnant of spiritually bereft refugees who carved out and killed off every living being in its path to become our “great experiment” close to 250 years ago. I also see the entangled lives of successful capitalists worldwide, with their epigenetically entangled progeny via natural selection, continuing to change the lives of millions…growing but devolving exponentially with a force deadly enough to be causing the 6th mass extinction called appropriately the Holocene Extinction as initiated by man as the apex predator, i.e. The Anthropocene Epoch.

I also see this “wildly” and progressively successful concept, for so few of our species and their progeny to come, continues to be so. It also, however, represents what the search/need for power, success, and riches represent to all and the conscious members of our great experiment 

As we have traveled the world, in our decades-long search for understanding, we have come to imagine how our species has interacted, with our bloated bellies and unevolved spirits in so many different ways, with what we call “mother nature.” Our ever-present insatiable needs must and will be addressed.