August 2018

Note from Trees for Tigers: One of the most rewarding consequences of starting our company a year ago is the privilege of meeting some incredible people doing incredible things. One of these people is Carolita McGee. We met online while campaigning for a mutual cause and soon realized that our approach to improving animals’ lives was very similar—basically “taking action to effect change.”

Carolita is unique in that she has had a special connection with animals and nature starting at a very young age. Her lifelong connection to nature continues with her husband, an underwater photographer, who shares her curiosity and appreciation for ocean creatures as well as land dwellers.

At our request, Carolita offered to share her knowledge about the little-known and extremely important requirements in the care of captive herptiles (amphibians and reptiles). We have witnessed (as you have possibly as well) many distressing situations with these animals in captivity, mostly due to the animal growing too large for it’s cage. After many years of experience with these animals, Carolita believes that reptiles in general and snakes in particular should not be pets. Unlike domesticated animals like cats and dogs, reptiles cannot thrive in a captive environment such as a home or condo. So if you own one or more of these animals, or if you know someone who does, please read Carolita’s article describing the best possible care that a human can give to a pet reptile or amphibian.