Sandstone, Minnesota
Zig-Zag Wall
Trees for Tigers USA is providing funds for a “zig-zag” wall in a Witness Protection cat’s habitat and a new platform for the top of an existing zig-zag wall in White Tiger Callie’s habitat. The Wildcat Sanctuary designed the zig-zag wall that, in their words, “gives the cats shade, a place to hide, and climbing opportunities. But the key to the design is the open sides that always give our vet and caretaking staff access to see the cats, unlike a den or a cave. That makes it a great feature to put in habitats where the staff know that they need better sightlines. Also, the zig-zag shape allows shade to be thrown no matter where the sun is in the sky, so it’s great even on the really long summer days.”
This structure is a perfect fit for us, as it performs so many functions in addressing the needs of big cats in captivity. We appreciate the extra time and energy that The Wildcat Sanctuary spends to design structures that meet the needs of every big cat in their care.

Blue Ridge, Georgia
Eight Multi-Tiered Platforms
With 80 chimpanzees and more to come, Project Chimps needs more platforms that will provide the elevation and shade that is so popular with the chimps. Project Chimps videos show the chimps playing, lounging, eating and doing all the
activities that chimps do on their platforms. Thank you, Project Chimps, for continuing to provide homes for more chimps in need.

Imlay, Nevada
Purple Locust Trees
In addition to the Austrian Pine trees that Safe Haven has planted, a new species is being introduced to the sanctuary – the Purple Locust tree. These beautiful flowering trees will provide shade and color to the already-transformed landscape from barren desert to a beautiful oasis for the wildlife. We love providing trees for tigers—and other wildlife too! Eight Purple Locust trees have been purchased and planted this year, and we have budgeted for five more trees.

South Africa
Platforms for New Lion and Tiger Habitats
ADI is expanding the space in their beautiful 455-acre sanctuary to include three new lion and tiger habitats. The lions and tigers from Guatemala circuses (Lupe, Tomas, Kimba and Sasha) will enjoy three large platforms with dens underneath in each 2.5 acre enclosure and two small platforms with dens in the feeding camps of the two new lion habitats.
We were fortunate to have started our non-profit, Trees for Tigers USA, at the same time that ADI purchased their sanctuary acreage in South Africa, giving us the opportunity to be “Founders” and begin providing trees to re-wild the land. We’re delighted to provide the funds for more platforms and dens at this expansive sanctuary that provides life-long homes for big cats who still bear the scars of abuse from many years of horrendous conditions while living and traveling in cages and performing in circuses.





Eureka Springs, Arkansas

New In-Ground Pools for Tigers

Mack & BBKing’s Pool 2021

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge is embarking this year on a campaign to replace all stock metal tanks in bear and tiger habitats with in-ground pools. Trees for Tigers USA is pleased to provide the funds for their first tiger pool which will be constructed for two tiger brothers – BB King and Mack. BB King is the first ever tiger documented to undergo chemotherapy and is doing well. He and his brother will be welcoming their new pool by this summer.

Many videos have been sent to us from sanctuaries showing tigers and bears splashing with their toys in easy-access in-ground pools that are large enough for vigorous play and providing much-needed exercise. We hope the tiger pool funded by us will inspire supporters of Turpentine Creek to help make this vision a reality. Thank you, Turpentine Creek, for allowing us to help launch this great enrichment project for your sanctuary. Project Completed

Picture of Tortoise House


Alpine, California

Custom-Heated Tortoise House

A lucky Sulcata Tortoise has found a wonderful home at Lions Tigers and Bears animal sanctuary. The Sulcata is the third largest tortoise species in the world, and this boy weighs 100 pounds. We are providing a 4 foot by 6 foot custom-built heated house for the new habitat being constructed by the sanctuary. The habitat will include a watering area and concrete block retaining wall, all on natural substrate. Lions Tigers & Bears will be the perfect family to welcome this lucky tortoise. Project Completed


Sandstone, Minnesota

Two New Habitats in Hybrid Haven

Picture of Bella

No matter what challenges that may be facing them, The Wildcat Sanctuary is committed to yearly upgrading of habitats and preparing for new rescues. Cats are moved around to different spaces as they grow older or develop special needs where a different enclosure might be more suitable. This year we will be funding two new “flexible”

habitats in Hybrid Haven to accommodate various cats, from bobcats to cougars to leopards. We will be providing lumber and faux wood for outdoor catwalks, cubbies and platforms as well as indoor platforms. Outdoor landscaping will include trees, boulders, dirt and grass; also in the new habitats will be toys, dogloos and hammocks.

The hard work and dedication of the staff at The Wildcat Sanctuary in continuing to improve the quality of life of their cats, big and small, are greatly appreciated by Trees for Tigers USA. Project Completed


Fort Pierce, Florida

Seve’s Island Climbing Apparatus

Save the Chimps is the largest privately-funded chimpanzee sanctuary in the world offering life-long care for chimpanzees rescued from research labs, the pet trade and the entertainment industry. Over 200 chimpanzees live on 12 separate islands in separate family groups. As some climbing structures are beginning to age, Save the Chimps has started to refurbish the islands to expand the vertical spaces for climbing and arboreal movement and to provide more covered areas for shelter from rain and the Florida sun. Their new innovative design on Seve’s Island will allow more freedom of choice and movement among the chimp families and enable smaller groups to find comfort and independence in their outdoor environment.

Trees for Tigers USA has offered funding for some roping and climbing materials to connect structures to each other or to the surrounding landscape. If funding is sufficient, other possible structures such as a platform, hammock or swing may be included. We are pleased to contribute to this huge endeavor by Save the Chimps in updating, expanding and enriching the living spaces on the islands for their chimpanzees.  Project Completed

UPDATE: Our funds covered some much needed toys to round out the two new giant platform structures completed by Save the Chimps on Seve’s Island, We funded the toys rather than any part of the platform. Two heavy-duty balls were attached with ropes to the structure adding interest and flexibility for play. Also two large “Looky Lou” mirrored toys were provided for the chimps who enjoy seeing their own faces reflected back to them.


Valentine, Arizona

Bear and Lion Platforms 

More rescued animals will be arriving at Keepers of the Wild in 2021. Platforms are a necessity for shade from the ubiquitous Arizona sun in addition to providing privacy underneath and allowing the animals to rest in comfort on an elevated deck while surveying the landscape. We are happy to contribute to the cost of labor and materials for several platforms. The cats and bears at Keepers of the Wild enjoy extra-spacious, natural habitats, and the new residents are certainly lucky to have found a home at Keepers of the Wild. Project Completed

UPDATE: In addition to platforms for incoming bears, a special geriatric tiger named Mercury received new platforms built to his needs. Now he can lie on a platform like the younger guys do.

Imlay, Nevada

Austrian Pine Trees

Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary is continuing to plant mature Austrian Pine trees in their habitats. This fast-growing evergreen species does well in the desert environment and provides needed shade for the animals. Tiger Khan will receive five new mature trees to be planted this month (Nov.) in his habitat. In addition to the shade provided for Khan, he will benefit from the sound, touch, sight and fragrance of these thick and bushy trees. Birds and squirrels enjoy Austrian Pine seeds, and the larger evergreens also provide shelter and nesting spots for birds, particularly for owls. We funded four trees earlier this spring. Project Completed



Scotts Mills, Oregon 

Toys for Lions 

A Holey Moley and Prima Rocker, made by Wildlife Toybox, were provided to Wildcat Ridge for their lions.  These toys can be used as puzzle feeders for a  variety of cat sizes.  Project Completed 

Blue Ridge, Georgia

Termite Mound, Treehouse Platform, Tire Hammock

Creativity is alive and well at Project Chimps! We are funding three incredible habitat enrichment projects. Firstly, the second termite mound has been
completed. These termite mounds are specially designed (thank you, Annie!), and each one is a different work of art, including interesting features inside the mound’s walls as well as outside. The chimps look forward to the “flavours du jour” each and every morning.

Next, Project Chimps built a huge swinging hammock constructed with old tires that had been abandoned in the area and collected by the staff. Dozens of tires were attached to each other, creating a wonderful playground for the chimps. The staff made the hammock extra special by painting the tires a bright color. We haven’t seen the chimps playing on the tire hammock yet, as the trees were blocking the view. Now that the leaves are falling, we will soon get a video of the chimps playing. Check out the hammock builders enjoying the swing, however, on our video page.

Thirdly, a beautiful treehouse platform was constructed for the chimps—also painted a bright color. Access to the platform is by rope, and some of the chimps immediately started playing the game of climbing up to the platform and pulling up on the rope so no other chimps could get on! We’re thrilled to see happy well-adjusted chimpanzees at Project Chimps. Project Completed

Murchison, Texas

Tiger Pool

A three-acre tiger habitat now has a new in-ground pool at CA Black Beauty Ranch. This spacious habitat will be used by all of the tigers, in rotation, to
provide an amazing natural wooded habitat. The pool is 13-feet round and 3 feet deep—perfect size for two or more tigers to play. Thank you to Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch for providing spacious habitats for your animal residents. Project Completed

ADI WILDLIFE SANCTUARY (Animal Defenders International)
South Africa


Summer is about to arrive in South Africa, and new trees will be planted soon at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary. We started funding trees and shrubs for the sanctuary in 2018, and we are looking forward to seeing some before and after pictures of those trees. The Tiger Territory, with its large habitats, and the habitats for the Guatemalan lions need more trees, and we are happy to enrich these areas with some beautiful trees.



Cle Elum, Washington

Simulated Trees

Construction of a large indoor playroom, divided into two sections, has been started at Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest. The playrooms will have 20-foot ceilings and catwalks all around. Trees for Tigers USA is funding the construction of large tree-like climbing structures from floor to ceiling. Everyone is brainstorming what these “trees” will look like, and we’re excited to see the final result! Stay tuned…. Update 4/21 – See the video of the chimpanzees with their new simulated trees on the Video Page Project Completed


At the end of last year, we had enough funds to be able to send some toys for Christmas to several sanctuaries. It was as much fun for the caregivers as it was for the animals to receive these presents. Fortunately, this year we will again be able to send some toys from Santa! Project Completed

Murchison, Texas

Habitat improvements of Primates

This project will improve the lives of the capuchins and rhesus macaques. The labor and excellent construction skills are being provided by the Primate Team of caregivers, and we are providing the funds for materials. The team designed a complex combination of towers and ramps in the trees and a platform for geriatric primates to help them perch in high places. A new platform structure for capuchins will replace an old one to create a canopy space that will be a new experience for these capuchins. They will also enjoy a “Snack Shack” toy and “Prima Rocker” made by Wildlife Toybox. Project Completed

Platforms for New Marmoset Habitat

A brand new habitat is being constructed for a group of marmosets rescued from the exotic pet trade. Platforms are being built for each bedroom. Thank you for allowing us to help create beautiful habitats these special monkeys. Project Completed

Scotts Mills, Oregon


Two 24-inch heavy duty balls are being enjoyed by the tigers at WildCat Ridge. Everyone supporting WildCat Ridge is so thankful that the sanctuary survived the fire in September and that the animals have returned home. It was a feat beyond imagination to evacuate more than 80 animals, including lions and tigers, on such a short notice with flames looming in the distance. Appreciation and gratitude for all who helped in the evacuation and transfer back home. Project Completed


ADI Wildlife Sanctuary
South Africa
Nighthouses for Lions
Forty-three lions and tigers rescued from circuses in Guatemala, Peru and Columbia are resting peacefully and enjoying life at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa. Looking at them smiling in the tall grass or on top of their platforms, you would never know the pain and suffering they endured in a circus, caged for years and never feeling grass on their paws. The lions are back in their homeland where they belong, and the tigers are enjoying their spacious habitats.

Trees for Tigers USA is honored to be part of their journey by providing trees, platforms and shelters. Covid 19 has arrived, and winter is approaching, so we needed to act quickly to provide two nighthouses for lions needing a warm place to sleep, especially Sasha who has cancer in one of her legs.

Thank you to everyone at ADI for your incredible perseverance in rescuing and transporting these beautiful sentient beings to your new sanctuary. And thank you for all the other work you do to help abused animals in the world. Project Completed

Caledonia, Mississippi
Toys for Lions and Tigers
We were delighted to provide Cedarhill Animal Sanctuary with two large sturdy toys from Wildlife Toybox for their large cats. It was great fun to watch the video of the lions playing with the toys. Thank you to the caregivers and staff at Cedarhill for providing large habitats for your big cats and for the love you give to them. Project Completed

Morganton, Georgia
Termite Mounds
Project Chimps provides lifelong care to former research chimpanzees at its 236-acre forested sanctuary in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The sanctuary staff and volunteers have built a habitat enrichment structure in the form of a termite mound. Check out this wonderful creation at We are happy to fund the materials for two termite mounds that will be built by the staff and volunteers. And kudos to the person who thought of this idea that improves the lives of chimpanzees in captivity. One Mound Completed.

Imlay, Nevada
Swimming Pool for Tiger Sundara
A new habitat is being built for beautiful Sundara, and we are excited to be helping with the cost of concrete and labor for pouring the concrete for Sundara’s swimming pool that will be 23’x11’x4’ deep. Safe Haven’s hard-working staff and volunteers will be devoting many hours to make a spacious habitat for Sundara. Thank you Safe Haven for providing wonderful large habitats for your animals. Project Completed

Trees for Habitats
In addition to her new pool, we provided tiger Sundara’s habitat with two large 
Austrian Pine trees plus another tree for an additional habitat.  The 
transformation at Safe Haven has been spectacular—from dry, desolate desert 
land to long flowing grass, swimming pools, trees, platforms, and dens and more. Project Completed
The Tipsy Toms and Wobble Balls made by Wildlife Toybox have been a huge 
source of play and exercise for lions and tigers.  We have realized the importance 
of these large extra sturdy toys in keeping the animals fit and healthy as well as 
providing lots of play time.  More Tipsy Toms and a sturdy ring toy will be sent to 
Safe Haven for their new arrivals before the end of the year. Project Completed
As this website update is written, Safe Haven has rescued a white tiger (who is yet 
unnamed) who was the victim of a private party unable to properly care for him.  
After living for many years in a 10’x2 cage, his owner made the responsible 
decision to transfer him to Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary.  Since Sundara is 
enjoying a different enclosure (also with pool and trees, etc.), this new arrival will 
be enjoying the enclosure that we helped fund for Sundara.  This tiger’s journey 
from deprivation to his new luxury accommodations will be exciting to watch. 
Shelton, Washington
Toys for Suri and Tabbi’s Pool
Wild Felids has completed a swimming pool for their tigers, Suri and Tabbi. The project was funded and accomplished Wild Felids, their staff and volunteers. Trees for Tigers has purchased two huge 4-foot red balls for Suri and Tabbi for their new pool. We’re excited to see pictures of them playing with their gigantic new pool toys. Project Completed
Sandstone, Minnesota
Bedroom Remodels, Mounds and Teeter-Totters

Many habitat enrichment projects are planned at The Wildcat Sanctuary, and Trees for Tigers USA is excited to be funding three of them. Bed boxes will be built so that every geriatric big cat will have one. Indoor spaces will have perches and 6-8 bedrooms will be painted with contrasting colors to brighten the rooms.

Habitats in Wild Woodlands will be excavated to create mounds for tigers and lions.

A prototype teeter-totter will be built for bobcats and cougars—each built to the size appropriate for the species. Thank you to The Wildcat Sanctuary for providing this creative toy for your wild cats and showing that you care about their psychological well being in addition to providing nutritious food, vet care and large spaces. We appreciate sanctuaries that try new enrichment ideas that will appeal to the animals’ interest and curiosity. Project Completed


This year we decided to include our Facebook followers in the joy of giving a Christmas present to their favorite sanctuary animal. The twelve winners of the Christmas Toy Giveaway Contest each chose a durable toy manufactured by Wildlife Toybox for animals in sanctuaries around the country. Many fun videos were posted on our Facebook page showing the animals playing with their new toys.


WildCat Ridge Sanctuary

Scotts Mills, Oregon
Bunker/Mounds for Large Cats

Trees for Tigers is helping fund two brand new enclosures for big cats needing a forever home.  A hill in each enclosure has been created with dirt, culvert pipe and a large flat stone slab on top to be a resting place where a cat can survey his/her surroundings from an elevated position.

Each enclosure has a large tree native to Oregon that will eventually branch out allowing the cats to lounge in the branches.  (We’ve all seen the pictures of the big cats straddling the branches in trees with all four legs hanging down – hopefully this will happen in a few years!).

One tree is a Big Leaf Maple and one is a Northern Red Oak which should have low growing horizontal branches for the cats to access.


Trees for Tigers is excited to provide the funds to build this creative enrichment structure and we can’t wait to see the trees leaf out and the new cats arrive.  We think they will love their new home at WildCat Ridge.  Project Completed



Murchison, Texas
Remodel of Bobcat Habitat

Lil Boy, a bobcat at Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch is going to enjoy a new remodel of his current habitat. The Wildlife Team has again created a wonderful species-specific habitat which they will build themselves. The project will include various ramps, platforms and a new house. The team wants to provide variety for Lil Boy including a skywalk around the top part of the habitat, platform steps
around a tree stump, and a fire hose hammock swing. What a lucky bobcat! We appreciate the Wildlife Team’s creative ideas and construction abilities. Thank you so much for offering us this great project. Project Completed



Lar Gibbon Habitat Renovation

Princessa, the sole lar gibbon at Black Beauty Ranch, will have her habitat enclosure modified to provide a more enriched environment and will allow for more possibilities for socialization in the future.  Her habitat will get corner platforms to increase the nesting areas in the canopy; a multi-level structure including a treehouse with windows and internal platforms; a moveable platform structure; and a Looky Lou hanging mirror.  The lar gibbon, also known as the white-handed gibbon, is an endangered primate in the gibbon family. Project Completed

Capuchin Habitat Improvements

The largest group of primates at CABBR are capuchins comprising four different species: tufted, weeper hybrid, white-faced and black-capped.  The five capuchins are the most active and social primates at the “ranch” and enjoy a 4-yard enclosure.  Improvements planned will create complexity of their habitat, allow for more visual barriers, increase foraging time and will provide healthy social interactions within the group.  Structures planned include corner platforms to increase nesting areas in the canopy; a series of moveable platforms and a Holy Moly Feeder Puzzle Box. Project Completed

New In-Ground Pools for Black Bears

Tibor and Sammi are two American black bears retired from the entertainment industry.  With their advanced age, it will become increasingly more difficult for them to climb into their stock tanks to cool off during the summer.  The two new in-ground pools (10’x10’x3′ deep) will replace the stock tanks and give the habitat a more natural-looking space.  We are once again delighted to fund these projects for the wonderful sanctuary Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch. Project Completed


Primate Habitat Renovation
Trees for Tigers is providing funding for a habitat renovation for two primates named Valentino and June Bug. These two Siamang Gibbons are a brother and sister rescued from the exotic pet trade. Caregivers at Black Beauty Ranch have collaborated in the design of a species-specific habitat that will include a swing, platform, suspended bridge, ladders, shaker box puzzle and live trees. Everyone is excited to see Valentino and June Bug enjoying their new beautiful habitat. (COMPLETED)



Sandstone, Minnesota
Skywalks for Bobcats
Claude and Benson have been patiently awaiting the completion of their habitat (the only one remaining in WildCat Pines) with skywalks.
We have provided the materials for all the other skywalks and rock caves in WildCat Pines last year, and everyone has been pleasantly surprised at the success of the skywalks with much improved socialization and all-around happiness.
The skywalks have basically added a second story to their enclosures basically doubling the living space for them to enjoy. Project Completed
Cougar Caves
The “5-Wild Group” of cougars (Andre, Donoma, Langley, Carlo and Noah) are getting two huge rock caves, specially designed structures that will provide privacy and perching places on top.  Giant rock slabs will be used to create these caves.   Thank you WildCat Sanctuary for the wonderful living spaces for your cats. Project Completed


ADI Wildlife Sanctuary
South Africa
More Platforms & Shelters for Lions & Tigers from Guatemala
Six lions and twelve tigers have been patiently waiting (as we speak this Nov. 2019) in a temporary rescue center in Guatemala for many months while ADI prepares for their transfer to the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa. The roadblocks in this mission are too numerous to mention (see for harrowing stories of the rescue and relocation efforts). It took seven months to rescue the animals from circuses in Guatemala. And then two more moves into temporary facilities while waiting for permits and meeting regulations to transfer them to So. Africa.
While the lions and tigers are patiently waiting for their trans-Atlantic adventure, Trees for Tigers USA is happy to provide the materials to build 8 large platforms/shelters (some with floors) for these beautiful animals who have endured lives of misery in the circus. As soon as they arrive at the sanctuary they will have spacious habitats with platforms and shelters where they will be able to rest, take naps, check out their surroundings, stay warm on cool nights, and join in the roaring at 4:30 a.m. with the lions already residing there. Perhaps the roaring from their platforms in the early mornings is their way of welcoming a new day with gratitude for their rescuers. Project Completed
Platforms and Shelters for 27 Lions

Trees for Tigers is happy to help Animal Defenders International in establishing their new sanctuary that is now already home to the famous “27 Lions” who were rescued from circuses in Peru and Columbia over a two-year mission completed by the brave and determined team of ADI.  Each lion has a personal story to tell as each is also very brave to have survived the ordeal of rescue and then a long flight over the Atlantic to their forever home in South Africa.  What an incredible feat for all involved!
We provided the funds last year for 42 indigenous trees to help reclaim the sanctuary property.  Much work still needs to be done, and we are pleased to fund some platforms and shelters that the lions are already enjoying.  The pictures tell the story – freedom shining from their eyes. Project Completed


Shelton, Washington
Wild Felid Advocacy Center experienced a horrific storm this winter that dumped two feet of snow and damaged many habitats. Fortunately, all the cats were safe, but some had to stay in their lock-outs for awhile.  We are joining many other people in helping fund new structures for the habitats.
Once the repairs are made, we hope that Suri and Tabbi will get their swimming pool that they are patiently awaiting.  Thank you, Wild Felids, for the great habitat enrichment that you provide for your cats.  Project Completed


Imlay, Nevada
This past January 2019 we provided topsoil for the half-acre habitat that we have been working on since last year.
Grass will provide the cats lots of soft spots for their paws and places to hide.
The habitat has been divided in half:  Khan the tiger lives on one side and Tangassi the lion on the other.
The habitat is looking beautiful with trees, multi-level climbing platform and a huge swing.
Project Completed


Valentine, Arizona

Repairs to Platforms and Shelters

Trees for Tigers USA provided funds for repairing several structures including platforms for tiger Zeus; new shelter for Mazi the lion; bear pen hammocks repairs; leopards Daisy and Bug’s den box and platform; Bowie the tiger’s platform.

Project Completed



Alpine, California

Interactive Multilivel Platform for Bear Habitat

In addition to providing a home to abused and abandoned exotic animals at their beautiful sanctuary, Lions Tigers and Bears also rescues and relocates exotic animals in need. With their state-of-the-art Rescue Hauler truck, LT&B has provided veterinary care and safe transport for hundreds of exotic animals to qualified sanctuaries.

Trees for Tigers USA is pleased to fund a large multi-level platform for five black bears currently enjoying a 4-acre habitat. This multi-functional platform will provide the bears with a place to exercise and climb, play, find hidden food and treats, and lounge in comfort on soft floors with fire hose webbing.
We are excited to see these bears enjoy this structure designed specifically for them to exhibit their natural behaviors. Project Completed




Cle Elum, Washington
Enrichment Toys, Etc.
This last summer (2019) we were fortunate to visit Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest in Cle Elum, Washington. They had just recently taken in three
chimpanzees from a sanctuary closing down in California. Immediately upon seeing the chimps, we were made aware of the intensity and complexities of caring for chimpanzees in captivity. Their intelligence, energy and size are forces to be reckoned with.
The co-directors are passionate about properly caring for their chimps in addition to being highly experienced and educated in chimp behavior. We are planning to help with an expansion project next year. In the meantime, we sent some barrels, chairs, benches and hammocks for the chimps to enjoy. Project Completed


Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA)

The mission of Trees for Tigers USA is to help better the lives of wild and exotic animals in captivity in many diverse ways. We are grateful to have met some wonderful human beings who have been working in the spiritual dimension with animals for over 20 years. Since mammals (and some other animals) are sentient beings (documented by neuroscientists in the Cambridge Declaration of 2012), they have a spiritual dimension. Kathleen Prasad, the founder of Reiki for Animals, developed her method over many years—a method of Reiki not like human Reiki but rather a method that has proven to be successful with more than 250 members and 75 shelters/sanctuaries/rescues who all practice the “Let Animals Lead” method of Reiki. Kathleen writes, “By simply relaxing, being quiet, breathing and having a heartfelt intention to help another being, you create a peaceful space. In this space, all healing possibility exists.”

We joined with SARA in offering Reiki for Animals at Keepers of the Wild in Valentine, Arizona during the summer of 2019. The staff enjoyed a weekend workshop learning the basics of Kathleen’s method, and said that they saw positive changes in the animals they worked with – with statements like “I’ve never seen him do that before!”

Refer to the Education Page on this website to read the interview of Kathleen Prasad by Marc Bekoff, Ph.D. in Psychology Today. Marc co-founded, with Jane Goodall, Ethologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and writes a science column about animal emotion for Psychology Today.


Keepers of the Wild Nature Park

Valentine, Arizona

Barn for Hodor (Casa Camelot)

Our first project has begun! Hodor the Dromedary Camel at Keepers of the Wild Nature Park in Valentine, AZ. is getting a new barn (a.k.a. Casa de Camelot) which will keep him warm in the winter, and will provide privacy for him when he chooses to have some “alone time.” This is not just any regular barn but one very large structure, because Hodor is a very large animal. You can see the project unfold in our Video section. 

Hodor’s barn will have a wood floor, plywood on inside and on the ceiling, will be insulated and will have a steel exterior.

Trees for Tigers is happy to provide a warm shelter for Hodor at this amazing sanctuary. Please visit their website completed Dec. 2017).

Shade Complex

Hodor has a new roommate named Hoover. Hoover is a Bactrian Camel with two humps while Hodor is a Dromedary Camel with one hump. They are getting along very well in their habitat together. With the Arizona heat in the summer along with monsoon storms, Keepers of the Wild is building a shade complex with fencing, gates and feeding stations to keep their food dry. Trees for Tigers is pleased to provide the funds for this new addition to Hodor’s and Hoover’s habitat. (Project Completed)


Multi-Level Platforms for Mazi and Bowie

Mazi the lion and Bowie the tiger along with Cleo the leopard were recently (Sept. 2018) recsued from a back yard on private property in rural Nevada where they had lived in small cages for 10 years. We were privileged to be able to provide a multi-level climbing platform specially made for Mazi and Bowie.

Mazi and Bowie have been seen loving their spacious habitats and quality food that they have never experienced. Thank you to Keepers of the Wild for providing a loving home for them.

(Project Completed)










Scotts Mills, Oregon

In-Ground Swimming Pool

Trees for Tigers will be paying for an in-ground swimming pool for Calvin and Hobbs, two amazing tigers who are so lucky to live at WildCat Ridge. There is much infrastructure to be completed before the pool can be constructed, so this project is scheduled to be completed in 2019.

Hybrid Cat House and Outdoor Habitat

In December 2017 WildCat Ridge began construction of a 12’x24’ insulated and heated building for their hybrid cats. Hybrid cats (i.e. Bengals, Savannahs, and Chausies) are created by crossing a wildcat species with a domestic cat. Hybrid cats do not make good pets due to their wild nature, behavioral problems, and health issues, and WildCat Ridge does not support the breeding of hybrid cats. For more information on hybrid cats, see their website

Since the tiger pool project has been tentatively moved to next year, Trees for Tigers is helping with the hybrid cat project. We have purchased the building and will be paying for most of the materials and habitat enrichment items such as perches, walkways and climbing structures for the inside of the house, as well as a system of platforms, decks, shade structures and bridges throughout the 2000 sq. ft. outdoor habitat with existing vine maple trees. The “labor of love” for this endeavor is being provided by WildCat Ridge staff and their talented volunteers. We can’t wait to see the pictures of this completed habitat – it is sure to be a creative work of art. (Project Completed)

Cougar Treehouse

WildCat Ridge plans to expand their cougar enclosures in 2018, and Trees for Tigers would like to build a treehouse for one of the habitats. We are all brainstorming ideas for a natural-looking treehouse that will provide shade and sun, as well as privacy and a high place for a cougar to crawl up to and hang out.


Harstine Island, Shelton, WA

In-Ground Pool

Wild Felid Advocacy Center is planning to build in 2018 an in-ground pool for their two beautiful tigers, Suri and Tabbi. This sanctuary doubles as a botanical garden and provides wonderful scents for their feline residents. Trees for Tigers is happy to provide funds to help make this project a success.

Update July 2018: Suri and Tabbi the tigers will soon welcome a new pool with decks to lounge on. The original plan for an in-ground pool has changed, and an above-ground pool is now planned. The new pool will surely be appreciated by Suri and Tabbi.

Toys, Toys, Toys

With the extra funds that had been budgeted for the in-ground pool, Wild Felids requested some toys for their feline residents. Everyone is excited to see how the cats will react to their new toys soon to be delivered.

Habitat enrichment is well evident at Wild Felids with wonderful scents from the botanical garden-like property to the creative and abundant climbing structures and hiding spots for all the felines. Our picture page will soon be showing the happy wild cats playing with their toys. (Project Completed)


Imlay, Nevada

Swing for Half-Acre Habitat

Prototype Swing

The first prototype swing designed by Wildlife Toy Box will be featured at Safe Haven. The large 53” round platform swing is suspended by ropes allowing the animals to climb onto the platform and play with this new toy.

We are excited and curious to see how various animals will react to the swing. Pictures and videos will be posted as soon as they are available.  (Project Completed)


Multi-Level Climbing Platform

Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary has completed a new half-acre habitat for several big cats, and Trees for Tigers provided the funds to build a multi-level climbing platform for shade, lounging, scratching and viewing of the landscape and beautiful snowcapped mountains from the three-level structure. We are all looking forward to seeing some lucky cats enjoying their new habitat soon. (Project Completed)

Rock & Waterfall Feature

Safe Haven provides several tigers (and many other species) with a loving home, large enclosures and a swimming pool for each tiger enclosure. So Trees for Tigers has offered to construct a rock formation in an enclosure where a tiger can sleep on a rock, sunbathe on a rock, climb around on rocks, and keep cool and/or hide under a rock. This project is currently in the planning stages, so please stay tuned.

Update July 2018: Coordinating the rock and waterfall feature at Sybre the Tiger’s existing pool has been challenging. But we’re not giving up!

Topsoil and Trees

Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary has begun planting grass and trees in their existing habitats and in a new habitat that is under construction. Since the rock and waterfall feature is still in the planning stages, Trees for Tigers was happy to help with the purchase of topsoil for the grass planting and several large Austrian Pine trees. See the beautiful trees in our Picture page. The sanctuary is looking amazing with the trees and grass growing and those snow-covered mountains in the background. (Project Completed)

Climbing Platform for Cooper

Cooper the cougar got a brand new spacious enclosure, and Trees for Tigers provided a multi-level climbing platform and two beautiful Austrian Pine trees.

Next door to Cooper is Patty Kay, another cougar, who also got a large tree for her habitat.

 (Project Completed)


Rope Scratching Post

A very simple natural substance such as rope can provide stimulus to many wild cats’ senses.

On our Video Page you can watch tigers Carli and Lili enjoying their new scratching post as they smell and rub their faces on the rope and scratch it with their paws.

 (Project Completed)



The WildCat Sanctuary

Sandstone, Minnesota

Catwalks and Rock Caves

The Wildcat Sanctuary’s newly renovated habitat for bobcats and Canadian lynx, called Wildcat Pines, is featuring a large central temperature-controlled building that can be accessed by all of the cats. There are 8 separate habitats surrounding the building (like spokes of a wheel) that provide for separation of the cats as well as their access to the building. Trees for Tigers is excited to help fund this project by providing materials for raised catwalks to allow access in and out of the building and provide a place for bobcats and lynx to hang out when there’s snow on the ground. We also provided the funds for stone-enclosed caves in the habitats. Check out the new innovative and functional design of Wildcat Pines at  (Project Completed)



Trees for ADI’s New Wildlife Sanctuary

Animal Defenders International’s new wildlife sanctuary in South Africa will be home to rescued lions from circuses in Central and South America as well as around the world.

We had the privilege of meeting Jan Creamer and Tim Phillips whose boundless energy, enthusiasm and dedication to saving circus animals, as well as other animals, inspired us to want to help them with their new sanctuary in South Africa.

The timing was perfect for us to provide 42 indigenous trees for the new sanctuary. We’re looking forward to seeing lions napping and resting under these beautiful trees. (Project Completed)

ADI Mission Statement:

To educate, create awareness, and promote the interest of humanity in the cause of justice, and the suppression of all forms of cruelty to animals; wherever possible, to alleviate suffering and to conserve and protect animals and their environment.