The bobcat and lynx at The Wildcat Sanctuary are enjoying the skywalks and rock caves that were built by the interns with materials provided by Trees for Tigers

“The hybrid cats are enjoying the creative perches and structures specially built for them in their beautiful new habitat by the volunteers at WildCat Ridge Sanctuary in Oregon – project funded by Trees for Tigers”

“The outdoor play area in the hybrid cat habitat has been expanded to include a second tier of perches, catwalks and bamboo bridge connecting the right and left sides.  The two Vine Maple trees provide lots of places for the cats to hide, play and sleep in this “mini forest” habitat.  Beautiful finish work and creativity at this sanctuary.

WildCat Ridge Sanctuary (   

Bowie the tiger and Mazi the lion were part of the Big Cat Trio that was rescued from a back yard on a private property in rural Nevada. They are loving life at Keepers of the Wild and have new platforms provided by Trees for Tigers.

Pictures of the new Animal Defenders International Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa. We bought 42 large indigenous trees for the new sanctuary. These pictures are of the tree planting at ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa that will be home to rescued lions from circuses closing down around the world.

Trees for Tigers provided a climbing structure and some trees for Cooper the mountain lion and some rope to make a scratching post for Carli and Lily, two tigers at Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary.

These are some pictures from the circus rescue in Guatelama. Jan Creamer and Tim Phillips from ADI are in Guatemala rescuing animals in the circuses that have been closed down. The animals have nowhere to go, and ADI is finding homes for them. The lions will be flown to South Africa to stay in ADI’s new Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa.

Hannah, the mountain lion, Turbo the Jaguar, Ruby, the bobcat, Diva the bobcat, and Willi Bob, the bobcat are all enjoying the toys provided by Trees for Tigers for the wild cats at Wild Felids Advocacy Center of Washington (