Cedarhill Animal Sanctuary


Lions Tigers and Bears

Multi-functional platform for bears Liberty, Blossom, Delilah, Sugar Bear, Maddie and Meatball.
In 2020 we funded two nighthouses at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary. Some additional pictures of platforms being enjoyed too.
For 2019 Trees for Tigers is helping fund the construction of platforms and shelters for the 27 lions rescued from circuses in Peru and Columbia.  You would never know by looking at these contented faces that they were all living in circus cages for many years and had never felt grass on their feet.  We are happy to help ADI with the construction of their new sanctuary in South Africa.

We have also provided materials for new platforms and shelters for the 18 lions and tigers coming from Guatemala. These cats have also been rescued by ADI from circuses.


Pictures of the new Animal Defenders International Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa. We bought 42 large indigenous trees for the new sanctuary. These pictures are of the tree planting at ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa that will be home to rescued lions from circuses closing down around the world.

These are some pictures from the circus rescue in Guatelama. Jan Creamer and Tim Phillips from ADI are in Guatemala rescuing animals in the circuses that have been closed down. The animals have nowhere to go, and ADI is finding homes for them. The lions will be flown to South Africa to stay in ADI’s new Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa.

WildCat Ridge Sanctuary

For 2019, Trees for Tigers is funding two bunker/mound features in two new enclosures at WildCat Ridge Sanctuary. In addition, two large trees native to Oregon are being provided (one Big Leaf Maple and one Northern Red Oak). The cats soon to be residents will be enjoying low horizontal branches to climb onto in the next few years.

“The hybrid cats are enjoying the creative perches and structures specially built for them in their beautiful new habitat by the volunteers at WildCat Ridge Sanctuary in Oregon – project funded by Trees for Tigers”

“The outdoor play area in the hybrid cat habitat has been expanded to include a second tier of perches, catwalks and bamboo bridge connecting the right and left sides.  The two Vine Maple trees provide lots of places for the cats to hide, play and sleep in this “mini forest” habitat.  Beautiful finish work and creativity at this sanctuary.

WildCat Ridge Sanctuary (www.wildcatridgesanctuary.org)


3-Acre Tiger Habitat Pool 2021

Marmoset platforms

Loki the Tiger and Eve the Bear enjoy their Christmas toys.

Primate Habitat Renovations in 2020

Towers and ramps were constructed for primates

Loki enjoying his Wobble Ball


Eve the bear

Our new project with Black Beauty Ranch includes upgrades to the Lar Gibbon habitat, the capuchin habitat and new in-ground pools for Tibor and Sammi, two American black bears. Here are the “before” pictures of the habitats. Stay tuned for wonderful things to come!

“These are the “after” pictures of the Capuchin habitat. Caregivers created a beautiful habitat”

Trees for Tigers funded the renovation of a habitat at Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Murchison, Texas. Here reside two wonderful Siamang Gibbons named June Bug and Valentino (a brother and sister rescued from the exotic pet trade).

Junebug and Valentino are enjoying their new habitat funded by Trees for Tigers and created by the Siamang Gibbons’ caregivers. You will see that the structures needed to be very sturdy to withstand the strength of these beautiful primates.

The Wildcat Sanctuary

These pictures are of the two “medium cat” habitats that we helped fund starting with the excavation through to skywalks, caves, trees, and some fun things inside the “bungalow” bedroom buildings. Cougar Anastasia and Bobcat Bella are now happy residents of these habitats.

For 2020, bedroom remodels with platforms and bedboxes and new paint were completed. Mounds and boulders with drainage repair completed.

Leopard “Shadow” looking in the mirror of his “Looky Lou” toy

Skywalks for Bobcats Claud and Benson

“The 5-Wild” will be getting new specially-designed rock caves providing privacy and perching spots.

The bobcat and lynx at The Wildcat Sanctuary are enjoying the skywalks and rock caves that were built by the interns with materials provided by Trees for Tigers.


Bowie the tiger and Mazi the lion were part of the Big Cat Trio that was rescued from a back yard on a private property in rural Nevada. They are loving life at Keepers of the Wild and have new platforms provided by Trees for Tigers.

Trees for Tigers provided funds for a barn and shade complex for Hodor and Hoover, camels at Keepers of the Wild.

We provided funds for repairs to many platforms, den boxes and hammocks at Keepers of the Wild.

Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary

Trees for Tigers provided much habitat enrichment at Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary including topsoil in several habitats, Austrian Pine trees, climbing platforms, rope for scratching posts, and a giant swing.

More Austrian Pine trees, a new pool and Sundara’s favorite toy, the Tipsy Tom.

Wild Felids Advocacy Center of Washington

Hannah, the mountain lion, Turbo the Jaguar, Ruby, the bobcat, Diva the bobcat, and Willi Bob, the bobcat are all enjoying the toys provided by Trees for Tigers for the wild cats at Wild Felids Advocacy Center of Washington (www.wildfelids.org)


This year (2019)  Trees for Tigers is providing Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest with some toys and enrichment items and will be helping with a habitat enrichment project next year during expansion of the sanctuary.