We chose the name “Trees For Tigers” as a metaphor for habitat enrichment for ALL wild animals—not just tigers. Having visited several times a beautiful sanctuary not far from our city, we observed how trees played an important part in a tiger’s natural life. Seeing a tiger sleep under a tree, scratch on a tree, and climb a tree made us realize that trees are an integral part of many wild exotic animal habitats, not only tigers.

A large variety of primates, species of birds, snakes and other reptiles, many mammalian species, and all manner of other exotic animals use trees for a variety of functions. Thousands of species of animals, wild and exotic in nature, use trees as homes to raise their young, places of respite and safety from weather and other predators, places for finding food, places to meet and mate for procreation, places to leave notes for other animals of the same species and other species as a way of communicating, and even as sources of food as many trees are used for food itself.

Therefore, “Trees For Tigers” represents in a broader sense the symbol for natural habitat for all exotic and wild animals. We hope this metaphor will align and resonate with you as well. And so it is our hope to be able to improve the lives many unwanted exotic wild animals, many of which were physically, emotionally and psychologically abused. The animals we will be helping have had the good fortune to be able to live out their lives in a sanctuary.